The Migratory Patterns of People

The Migratory Patterns of People lets public transit systems play their home city like an instrument. Live GPS data from the city's bus system is imported and translated into the sonic and visual patterns of the piece. Each dot and circle on the screen represents the location of a bus on its route in the city. They also represent the notes that are playing, and as they move left or right, up or down, the notes also rise and fall, giving shape to the harmonies of the work. Two bus lines play at a time, and the route numbers currently playing are spoken aloud in multiple languages to celebrate the diversity of WeGo's ridership.

The work was designed to be either installed in a physical location, streamed online, or both, in an effort to connect people to the public transit system of the city. It is customizable to cities who use live GPS tracking for their bus system, or any other system with General Transit Feed Specification (GTSF) data.

Migratory Patterns: Nashville

The Migratory Patterns of People was commissioned by Nashville, Tennessee's WeGo Public Transit. The premiere of the piece took place in early 2019 and was live-streamed online for two months. The stream was embedded on WeGo's website, twitter and facebook feeds. Below are recorded excerpts from the live feed.